Nathan J. Doogan

· curriculum vitæ ·

At the core I am interested in how social, economic, and political forces in the world interact to produce both opportunities and constraints on individuals' freedom to pursue and achieve their own goals.

As a post-doc in the field of public health, I spend the largest chunk of my time doing research in the areas of tobacco control and tobacco regulatory science. My current objective is to help the FDA understand the potential impact of regulatory proposals on public health, particularly that of vulnerable populations such as those living in isolated rural areas.

Another major research area of mine includes addiction and addiction recovery. I am interested in residential treatment or aftercare programs that leverage the power of cooperation and natural motivatons to benefit those in recovery in an efficient way.

And this is my dog...

                  ,`                 ," c`--o
                 ((                 (  | __,'
                  \\~--------------' \_;/
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                 (( (    `        (( (               _ 
                  ``-'  charlie    ``-'             (_)