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I play the guitar (mostly electric). I'm influenced primarily by blues sounds. Here's an example. My playing starts around 0:40. I want to do musical collaborations with people, even if entirely via the internet.
Another guitar example. Poor sound quality.
One more guitar example, acoustic, plus my voice!
During my post-doc, my team and I developed a new measure of geographic isolation intended for rural health research and policy development. Click the link to find a few brief words and a link to the paper in Social Science & Medicine.
For the 2018 March Madness, I built a Bayesian predictive model to isolate team skill. I hoped it would win me a bracket pool. I didn't win. But I learned a lot. And I wrote about my experience (click the arrow to the right).
In development of my appreication for the issues involved in drawing causal inferences from observational data, I created this post to express the apparent importance of dealing with non-linearity when controlling for confounding variables. The post constitutes one demonstration of the issue and minimally explained use of Gaussian processes (R code inside!) to solve the problem.
I made this very brief post about copulas. Annotation is among the code, only.
I measured humidity in our basement across time with a manipulation and did some modeling.
I've been involved in numerous academic projects that resulted in presentations or published papers. You can find references to much of that in my CV.

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